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Sea Gulls.

restlessness has its strain on me
impatience is boiling up inside of me
my throat thickeness and i find it less easy
to breathe

notions of motions from the seagulls teasing
with their endless possibilities
goaling, laughing, urging me
to lift my soul and take away
far off to other shores
that is waiting with new tide
for me

im trying to hold myself down
nailing my thoughts of flight
deep inside the marking ground
so that the horizon wont make
me escalade

slide away
my window is wide open
and i gotta keep it airing the atmosphere
so that the lid wont fall down on me
all though the rain is pouring in
spritzing wants of escape over my skin

the tenderness
of my boldness
is on a fragile balance parade
like porcelain
i am painted with white
covering up the hums of history
the birds i've once flown with
i now sew maintenance
to keep me intact

to soil the bubbles
almost bursting

i need a hand to hold
telling me

'it's okay it's okay it's okay'

for i find it difficult
expanding my soul though my feet stay
physically at the very same spot
as before

Fri vers av Skosnöret
Läst 311 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2009-06-09 21:09

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Jag tycker den här är enastående vacker och skarp. Kommer att återkomma till den, för det känns som att det finns mer att hitta mellan raderna.
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