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Summoned by Darkness

I walk this dusty road in silence;
My tired mind is blank;
I’ve seen too much of violence;
Of both bigger and lesser rank.

Exhaustion falls upon my sight;
As hatred settles in my brain;
The thought of Death is too damn bright;
My battered body aches with pain.

It isn’t easy for a girl like me;
To walk the road in loneliness;
I only know what I cannot see;
My soul is naught but emptiness.

I do not think I’m all through bad;
I do not believe in the lost Cause.
I only think that life’s too sad;
We’re only the audience obliged to applause.

It just isn’t easy to fight and lose;
To see my deeds fade into nothingness.
Where all the life’s a hanged man’s noose;
As society is summoned by Darkness.

Fri vers av Calendula
Läst 353 gånger
Publicerad 2006-03-06 14:56

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