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I remeber playing when I was little
With friends noone could see.
We would go places noone knew,
And always laugh with glee.
We went to the moon to run and play,
And keep the Man there company
Until the end of the day.
We would go to the bottom of the sea
To talk with the creatures of the deep,
Water surronding us, making us free.
We ran on fieldes of colourful flowers,
And spoke to a uicorn we met there,
Until we had been gone for hours.
We could live in a castle somewhere in space,
And we could play football with an alien,
Until with reality I came face to face.
I had friends no one could see,
Until I realised there is only me.

Fri vers av K_Boija
Läst 59 gånger
Publicerad 2021-02-28 20:08

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