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Don't loose yourself

I don't know where I am right now
And a part of me is floating
I've sort of accepted this fog by now
Gotten used to this forecast
This transition
Which I believe it is

But who knows
Maybe I'm fooling myself
To believe I've surrendered
While really
I live in denial of my journey
Maybe I'm a record on repeat
Living my life in my head
Crying the same tears as yesterday

All I see is the forrest
Taking me through myself
The wind is whispering
Don't loose yourself

Guided by the sun
Filled with hope of the future
At the same time
Scared like hell
Of stagnation & illusion

Watching life through rose colored glasses
Not realizing my capacity of self realization
Stop look backward!
Is easier said then done.

Fri vers av Eleutheromania
Läst 22 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-04-16 15:24

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