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Today I can see, today I can feel
that there is no real benefit from this application
at least not for me
Let those who want to play meaningless games with each other
or collect \"friends\" so to raise their social value
or to grade their frindeships
or to create the illusion that they have a great life
Poking and prodding, back and forth, in the cyberworld
Is that how we want to live?
Not once, leaving the screen, to speak some friendly words with our closest neighbors
I just think that this pseudoworld diverts attention from the \"true\" life
where you can get hurt, wet , filthy
where you can \"meet\" people and take the risk to get touched in many ways
joy, cry, laughter, fear, insecurity, jealousy
caring, intimacy, sharing, friendship...
Is fakebook our times digital prosac?
But maybe it can be a good mailbook just in case
maybe I leave it at that?
Now I have to go to focus on my creative energy in my place/space
and for those who want to taste my \"candy\"
feel free to explore the shadows of my spirit
at least I feel alive, at last I feel alive

Fri vers av lifeforce1
Läst 351 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2007-11-20 08:45

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  lodjuret/seglare VIP
inte alla kan skriva eller läsa på engelska så varför inte själv starta sidan fejsbok?

just så! Bra att vi kan inspirera varandra :) snyggt..

känner igen, känner samma. avreggade mig förra veckan. känns så bra. behöver inte fasadspel och vänskapssamlande. starkt.

Bra titel men har svårt ta till mig texten. Jag skulle önska mig en kortare variant på svenska. Jag lever också! :)
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