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Here is some writing, about everything, and nothing at all.

Read if you would like to, these text reason is only to exist and let people who want to read them

Just text

Right now I have so many feelings inside of me that I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Here is some random writings, sorry for the clumpsy way of writing, but to put all these in separate files doesn't do any of these right.


                                     A human

It's in situations like this that you realize what you would want to be. Though I still don't know which road I am supposed to take because there is no dirrections to where I'm headed. 

Many times I let people down, many times I failed in my life. But all those time had making me realize things, making me stronger in one way or another.

I know many things, but I am sometimes vary bad at getting things out the way I want it, I am only a human. 

Humans make misstakes. There aren't much to do about it. But we have the power to make things right again, if we get the chance.



Words are only words. They can tell so much about nothing at all. But it is the feelings that really matters. You can say "I love you" and look soulessly into the persons eyes, you can say "I hate you" but really feel compassion and love.

Words can guide you, but they can also fool you.

Words fooled the Germans in the Holacost to kill the Jews, words saved a persons life yesterday.



People are only people. You can hurt them easily, but you can also lift them up just as easy.

Sometimes we can be cruel and heartless against each other, walk past a hurted person, just because we are afraid what others will think. 

But Others are Others. They are not you. What would Others do? What would Others say? Why does it matter anyway? Why and why and why?

We are all trapped in the same cage, but just because everyone is already in it no one wants to get out, even if the door isn't locked, because what would Others say?

In reality, it isn't that hard. Stop by at the person, smile at a stranger, say hello to the lonley person in the corner, make someone happy, so will they maybe make you happy one day.  

Fri vers av FridaF
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Publicerad 2008-11-17 19:04

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