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I've made love to you



I've dreamt of you a thousand times
I've thought about you a million more
I've written poems about you that rhymes
I've even heard you snore

I've seen you smile
I've heard you cry
baby you've made my heart ache for a while

I've run my fingers through your long blonde hair
I've held you in my arms while you were sleeping
pinched myself just to see if it was reality
or if I were dreaming

I've kissed your lips
I've held your hand
and you've made me feel something so grand
I can't even begin to understand
but I know that it's with you I belong

I've made love to you
like I never thought I could
I've felt feelings
I never thought I would

you're a godess
an angel
pure magic
a dream come true

and I wish you knew
the things I've never dared to tell you



Fri vers av Nicklas
Läst 642 gånger
Publicerad 2009-04-12 08:56

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