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"Arrested for possession of thoughts"

I saw the great minds of our time being expelled from academies because they published pictures of their genitals, pictures of them sucking and fucking each other, laughing hysterically of joy.

Imprisoned because they were handing out blank flyers shaped like small airplanes. Streets were full of blank flying airplane flyers.
Imprisoned because they sang kumbaya on freedom square, because they smoked weeds and burned their arms with cigarettes only to be able to feel something, got high to be able to see visions like visionaries does.

And police raided their houses, but it wasn’t marijuana they were looking for. They took all the notebooks, journals, airplane flyers, endless papers with ideas and thoughts, pencils, inks, computers, family pictures, postcards, love letters from lovers and left the pipes, weeds, alcohol, Vaseline, dildos, bibles and guns and bombs and arrested them only for possession of thoughts.

And those who were not arrested chained themselves to the street lights and fences and sang once again kumbaya, believing that the machinery of government and the soldiers and the military are also pacifists. But the song was not answered with songs.

And they were punished and sentence to prison by both communist and capitalist bastards.

I saw the great mind of our time imprisoned..

Fri vers av Pilgrim
Läst 290 gånger
Publicerad 2011-09-05 16:05

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