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En text som jag ämnat för bluesuppsättning om förhoppningar, rörelser och grusade drömmar

Friday night in the city

Faces appears in city darkness

Walking shadows, voices in the air

Crouds appear sounds come and goes

It”s Friday night, relaxing time.

Restaurants, bars, shining windows

Everybody is on the move

Time for freedom time for joy

So many expectations in the air

So many broken minds on the way

And so many romantic starters coming up

World seems to be running like before

Friends meet, stop and talk, smiling minds

Salary turns to beers and whine

Eyes meets, hopes burns,  bad thoughts go away

Soon night will turn to slower walkers,

To seekers, to dreamers with head down

To couples that met from nowhere,

To disappointed walkers with teardrops falling

The night make its move, its power

To close the scene, to stop the trial

To put end on laughs, aggression and tears

Lights turn out, sounds moves in the wind

The last hope walks in zic zac steps

The curtain of darkness and foggy air 

Put an end on Friday night

Fri vers (Fri form) av Ole Sunnerfjell
Läst 326 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2014-12-04 16:51

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  Angel of love
Skön text att läsa.

härlig läsning, allt faller på plats i en fredag natt-dag :o) love it
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Ole Sunnerfjell
Ole Sunnerfjell