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Early morning 26 february walking in snow and sunshine Foto av Eva Akinvall

In the mood


Go on for a while

Take a chance
and walk a mile
in shoes almost out of date
Modern is just a word, though
and old songs linger on my mind

Old roads are familiar
and we recognize
that walking along for yet a while
could lead us home to our paradise

Wouldn't it be nice
follow some advice
It is sometimes wise

Following feelings future in mind
We might then find
the purpose for all mankind

follow me
and I will follow you
the end of the road
Where the new morning grows

The sun of the new day
We there will be able to find
Please be so kind

Never give up your goal
Leave yesterdays behind

Hear ~ your ~ Soul
Whispering in the night
Shimmering for wuthering heights

So be like a kite
Flying high in the sky
resting wings on the winds
forwards and upwards

But always remembering
to keep holding the earth for
your feet to touch
and your fingers to feel

There is no need longer
We have such longing
for togetherness
sweet caress

And we will never leave each others
or others
Until it will be
Completed, fulfilled, and reached,



Eva Akinvall 2018-02-19

Bunden vers av Eva Akinvall (emca~vargkvinnan)
Läst 675 gånger och applåderad av 7 personer
Publicerad 2018-02-27 15:06

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Eva Akinvall (emca~vargkvinnan)
Eva Akinvall (emca~vargkvinnan)