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Angående status quo

Corona loony bin

Yin and Yang and Yongie
one dead but living zombie
came to my inner world today
in this most peculiar way

it kind of just materialized
itself from what I’ve realized
about human potential
for biased preferential

we all are but enslaved to
whatever we have been through
and while zombies might seem untrue
this one is difficult to aschew

because it has this aura
like Sodom and Gomorrah
a kind of ancient history
yet present in reality

so SARS and MERS and NCP
COVID-19 and ALI
they turn into this house of cards
coming tumbling down to ARDS

and there we have it, yet again
this tunnelvision in the brain
which rather than inspire us
wage war against a virus

while in China, IVC
is being used, systematically
it’s flogistone all over
viralscare as drover

royal ignorance in clothing
is the same old seethrough thing
a freecrazed zombie dancing round
while moneytransferrings abound

so Yin and Yang and Yongie
a zombie catacombie
is like an omnipresent swamp
I’d better start to romp

so romp and stomp, I say why not
one might aswell explore this spot
and remain intact within
this Corona loony bin

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Publicerad 2020-03-24 13:31

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