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In the end there allways is a new beginning ... - Published earlier on poeter.se in january 2011

About Angels ...

I believe in Angels
Yes, those from up above
I believe they bring us
Love and Understanding

what Love is all about
including happy landings

I believe Life is more
than what we
can see or feel
I believe our faith
is not prewritten by the stars

but by True Love

Not from up above

From within

within our heart
if we only
dare to care
to believe
the unreal could become real

if we believe Life is more
than we can see or feel

True Love
don't follow
the rules of
supply and demand
It's not something to be found
on a market place

Neither do Angels
bring it from outer space

but from within
within our heart
of which they are
an utmost essential part

a kind of magic 
source of energy
that comes with
multiuniversal scart

A true peace of Art

Every now and then
they let us connect
to give us a chance
to dance and maybe 
see and feel 
True Love becoming real

If you get lucky
you'll feel that what's pending
is nothing but 
Happy Endings
and New Beginnings

So Yes, I do believe in Angels
those from up above
living within

I do believe that to be 
truly prosperous and winning
we need to give more than we receive
even though when it sometimes might seem
to be hard to believe
that the unreal can be more than a dream

That's why I never give up
and still keep trying to make our dreams become real
With a little help and support by my Angel
it really could not be such a big deal

Övriga genrer (Drama/Dialog) av Peter Stjerngrim VIP
Läst 28 gånger och applåderad av 9 personer
Publicerad 2020-10-28 04:16

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”A true piece of art”

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Peter Stjerngrim
Peter Stjerngrim VIP