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Jag har fått hjälp med texten av apache kid som har hjälpt med engelskan. Många tack till honom och så en kungörelse - - denna text får i sin helhet delas - men inte mina andra texter. Och som sagt bara i sin helhet

Ryska demonstranter




Stand still – stay steady

we stand behind you

Stand still – stay steady

we'll pray for you

You who are daughters

and sons of Russia

and fight against Putin

and against the war

in Ukraine

You are not alone

The truth will prevail

You who fight with

words and demonstrations

Stand still – stay steady

we are behind you

we will win

this war with

words and songs

one and for all

and for all humanity.

/ and you will go into history

as angels from God

who fighting the fight against


and throwing them out

and away

from their positions on earth

Stand still – we will stand behind you

stay steady – we will stand beside you

Stand still, stay steady
– we will pray for you

we will win – howsoever






((yes I know sometimes we
must fight with guns also
but not you who are sons
and daughters of Earth's
true heart))



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Läst 125 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2022-09-30 16:00

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