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Verily unknown, yet true 'tis said
Neural networks used to control
They torture those who've done no wrong
And if they did, it's not their fault

The misery of those in chains
Their plight is beyond all blame
Manipulated, coerced and forced
By those who are cold and calloused

The victim's stories are left untold
As they suffer in the dark and cold
No one can hear their desperate cries
No one to listen or sympathize

The lives of these poor souls, so bleak
Their future, so dark and meek
The perpetrators, they must pay
For their evil, they must pay the way

For those who've done no wrong
Those who've been tortured for so long
They deserve justice, they deserve peace
No more torture, no more grief

Bunden vers av Charles Abrams
Läst 54 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2023-07-16 06:59

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Charles Abrams
Charles Abrams