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It is not news that the foe's hatred, dumbness and lies formed as a counter-reaction to Allfather's rights, higher intelligence and Truth itself and that is the foes shaky ground.

This fact is far worse used than even the somewhat initiated long have suspected; something they have hid away as unthinkable. It certainly is not any sort of "evidence" or any kind of "wrongthink" that thousands of our foes consciously work day and night to counter our Folk and lands in our own world with instruments of power as well as with pettiness where they can reach. It is overly explicit and they cannot hide it anymore, even for the just average intelligent. When most hard facts regarding millions of excesses and manipulations mainly against the West, as well as in our other parts of this world, done according to plan by false representatives for governments, media's control over information and other of the foe's different "terror-religious institutions"; then they call this hate for love, brotherhood and solidarity:

"The oppressed just take back what we have stolen from them, even though they have mostly lived and still survive on help and support from us. It is just a compensation for all the oppression they have been suffering, all the while the strong will be made to be weak."

The cult of the oppressed work inside the foe's death cults and "wins" by being weak and thereby unreachable to be viewed and judged meanwhile they are fed large spoons of money and false rights for what they claim that they alone have been enduring in Life. Reality is however much closer to the opposite: The foe has set the ignorant an equality sign between to force the self-hatred and different types of degradation with lies; all the while the foe's immoral and nauseating sale of "emotions", lies and threats eventually give the victims their death.

How low can beings become?

The question is already answered with to even imagine that a pitiful killed being have "created" our Universe. Philosophy in all its honour given from Allfather, but this is intellectually humanity's lowest possible existence that the disturbed carry around and attempt to live as reality.... The hate, desperation and fear enforce bought partisanship where usage of weak-minded emotions undo all rights, intelligence and truth. Take issue with that you are too dumb to realize the foe's enormous wisdom and highness and you´ll become a victim without understanding that you are just a fooled poor creature without life or future.

Carve away new sentences regarding your strong belief that you do not exist, or other grade b-philosophy without any real facts concerning the Universe as if that have anything to do with The War of all Wars and Ragnarok to do? The prize you have to pay for your immature defiance against Allfather Odin and Reality you really should learn to know.

There is a law of cause and effect:

You can believe in this law? Or do you want to introduce a ridiculous perspective that we all are a "unity" and nothing can be damaged or taken away as we all exist in a tiny, puny bubble called the Universe? Our belief on freedom of thought and justice, our belief in good morals superiority must now rub their eyes clear and realize that our rights are threatened, our goodness despised and our lives are threatened to death by our foes that truthfully lack all higher moral grounds and inherited sophistication.

No conflicts and wars start without reason:

There must be a few deeply disturbed that would consider war being something fun and desirable. Your excuses and that you are controlled to passively pretend that you exist is the seedbed for that those that hate you can take your life in The War of all Wars, in war, as in the everyday, as of right now.

The foes are afraid that the bubble now will burst, and they have long prepared to confuse and flee away somewhat unharmed. Our revenge is almost comically just so we can without any thought slaughter the guilty thousands of times and still never reach to any kind of imaginary justice therein "one for one" play any role. The real oppressors muffle up beneath a victimized disguise and take others as shield and weapon while they ascertain that they are innocent. Let their massive mountain of guilt and secret cowardly genocides be visible for this world to finally in full clarity sentence the foes to death



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Läst 102 gånger
Publicerad 2024-05-05 16:37

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