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en gammal en översatt


I hurt when you hurt
It hurt´s to see you cry
See your beautiful eyes filled whith tears
All light and joy draind out ofém
I´m breaking when you hurt my love
Still there´s nothing i can do,to ease your pain
Your soul tortures in agony
I can see it turn in pain
I whish i could hold your heart my love
It hurts when you hurt
But you´re not mine to console
Your´re not mine to hold
The only thing i can do is to be near
Take your hand
Be there
When the burden get´s to heavy to hold
Loving you is joy for my heart
My love for you is here to stay
My beloved it tears me apart to see you hurt

Fri vers av Zmultron
Läst 318 gånger
Publicerad 2007-03-29 13:05

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