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Don't rattle and shake if you're not into battle, bloody Snake.


Ignorance is bliss
So kiss yourself goodbye
Don't be a player, a self-hater
Never ever gonna see you later

Half of all your opportunities are lost
I do the billing, you is the cost
Understatement, resentment I feel none
You son of a gun, never shot straight
Got fed on your bait, your debate and your lawyering with a wrench
I'd rather be strapped onto a bench, writing crap lyrics
For French underground juice mixers sampled in reverse
I have no mercy, merci I thank thee for your blessings
The ignorance you gave me is gonna save me a lot
All the gold in the pot, I am too hot for you and your shoes, you've lost
"Like a lion, like a mountain", I am spraying you like a fountain
With sugar from my gun, I am the lord of happiness
Confess your destiny needs a bless, I stress your incompetence
And your "childish nonsense", what's your defense gonna be like?
Take a dike, hitchhike away from here, you don't scare no one
Gonna put you down, my head in the crown, your head on the ground
Underground French juice mixers keep splashing and trashing you
I sample your screams, as it seems you pray for mercy, but I give you none
You're party foul, I'm the owl, you're the beast, at least accept your defeat, packed into a neat bun
Where's the pun, where's the catch?
Open the hatch and gather, all your strength, lather and rinse, I am the prince you are the ridiculed ass no one wants to ride. Your "swollen pride" dries off of me, I've had enough of thee.

Gouranga! You'll be gone, I'll jump you like a goomba, sending sprites allover the place, what a disgrace, your face is splattered - I do the rumba!
As if it did matter. Mind over matter: "I don't mind and you don't matter". Don't flatter yourself and your skills. I hone my lips, all tips rejected, you seem perplexed and semi-erected.

Get your thumb out, stop playing monkey. Get down to business and get funky. Live for the world, the word or whatever, but never ever say "never" because the fewer deaths you cause the less I feel like drowning you in the sewers. Tenth Downing street, park my donkey right there for exposure. Rule the world I will, your wrath is at my disposal - shit. I reject your proposal! You're looking for an exit, I'm looking for closure.

Fri vers av Seud P Myno
Läst 313 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2008-10-14 22:58

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Seud P Myno