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The amazing story of Lone Ly the clown.

Before my life was spent the same
looking for the one and only,

booking travels for myself,
and putting on display

my looks and manners
my books and banners
- like some circus on its way;

but instead of one I found Al Lone,
he was a clown from out of town,
and Lone Ly was his other name:

Turned into such I learned so much
from both of them, unusual men!

Al said to me:

When I am Ly,
I tell a lie

I curse my fears!

My courage goes outside the tent
never to return in years!

Putting on a show you know!

So if your clown explains:
If your clown persists:

"In this life all Lone, says Ly,
I laugh at all my jokes now I...
nurse myself when I am sick

I lay my bed when it gets late,
embrace myself when I am sad
with Pathos and with Strokes
(two horses in a circus cage),

this is how my life now looks,
acting wife and husband both

He blames himself when she is mad,
She shames herself when he is bad";

so if your clown insists

to even cry with actual tears
the moment when he dies on stage

- you KNOW that he is Ly-ing!

Bunden vers (Rim) av Botox
Läst 174 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2020-05-17 02:38

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If caught with a lie
don't try
to explain
it will be in wain
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