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Migrant’s Tree of Life

The soil is not a home
for the restless roots
of the migrant
spread with the wind
in all directions

the north is not a home
for the migrant’s tree of life
nor is the south or the east
or the west

the sky is the home
for the leaves of the tree
for only the Zodiac signs
are fixed points
on the course of life

the roots
search for nutrition
not in the soil
but in the sun
making the roots into
forever stretching out
to its light

water does not make
the tree bloom
but air is what feeds its
longing buds

to grow high
is not the goal
for the migrant’s tree of life
but to reach out
to unknown

Fri vers av Anoo Niskanen VIP
Läst 285 gånger och applåderad av 13 personer
Publicerad 2023-10-01 20:10

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  Aisha VIP
….mycket vacker text som talar till mig i bilder…så fint!

  Maria Zena Viklund
Fantastisk skildring av migrantens livsträd

  Stanley Rydell
Utsökt vackra första strofen som ett mantra, talar rakt in i migrantens existens.
”to reach out to unknown woods” - slutvinjett som ger hopp! Gillar anspelning på det okända som trygghet; Woods som arketypen ”hem”

  Sparvögat VIP
The sky and the sun ~ the search for roots ~ the migrant's flight ~
so nicely you draw the search
for safe ground...

  Kungskobran VIP
You need neither soil sun or air
all you need is love
love is all you need

    Lena Söderkvist VIP
Beautiful, very philosophic.
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Anoo Niskanen
Anoo Niskanen VIP

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