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The Oracles Prophecy on Saving the World

The Heart of Dreams

In ages past, the Gods didst hide
a heart of dreams come true.
To shield it from the greed of man,
‘til world was born anew.
When three of friends
can make amends
and join to be as one,
with love and trust to hold them tight
as father to a son.
Then show the Gods that all are linked
by one and true good soul,
and they’ll reveal the heart of dreams,
for now the world is whole.

The first of three was lost to those
whose eyes are blind to see
The power of the heart of dreams,
a force not meant to be.
They live where sea and land collide,
they feed on flesh and bone
One is wise, the second quick
the third can mangle stone.
Beware you must of darkened soul,
a devil and beguiler
The worst of creatures,
cold as snow,
is known as the Defiler

The shard of love,
is worn by dove,
kept by heart so near.
Royal blood runs through her veins.
Envied by her dear.
So sweet and true as newborn child,
heart of purest gold
Will she live or will she die,
future will unfold

The gift of trust was stolen by
the one who can destroy it.
He tells you now to try and fly
to Great Lake and beyond it.
To journey to the cave of Xnarl
and mayhaps face your doom.
And if survive you do at last,
be sure to face the gloom.
When goal is reached you might just see
that too much trust you’ve taken,
in liars words. And thus thou hast
the purest heart forsaken.

The Gods were wise to doubt in man,
saw power hunger and obsession,.
And hid two shards where no man can
remember, in repression.
So travel now to granters of breath
and follow there the fire’s master.
Cities of four and perils of death
lies on your road, as will disaster.
When path comes to end, continue for days
through desert of water, ‘til upon you gaze
most certain doom and crushing pain.
Then hold ‘loft the three and scream through rain:
-“We are the ones of whom you’ve been told.”
This will awaken the sleeping old.

Fri vers av Mirtul
Läst 704 gånger och applåderad av 1 personer
Publicerad 2007-10-25 22:34

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Trollen var sinnestörda och vill jag minnas att vi försökte agera innan berättarrösten var klar på mamman. ;)

WOHOO Applåder

Lite kul.... trodde jag hade tappat bort denna. Skrev den till ett rollspelsäventyr för många år sedan. Hittade den nu av en slump på min mors dator som hon ärvt av mig :P.

En ondskefull gammal kraft har återkommit, en skugga som går under öknamnet \"The Defiler\". Det enda som har makten att slutgiltigt stoppa honom är en den urgamla försvunna artefakten \"Hjärtat av Drömmar\". I fel händer kan denna gamla artefakt användas till obeskrivlig ondska, något som The Defiler gärna vill se hända.

Som tur är möter våra hjältar upp med ett orakel som ger dem denna profetia på vägen (Strax innan Defilern sliter ut henner själ... Mohahaha).
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