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Free now let me wander...

Free now let me wander
Through the woods of your grace
Please do not condamn me
But see the light lit in my face
Follow when love beckons
Try not to be afraid
We´ll just ignore the little voices
That´s in yours and in my head

I can go to sleep now
With the smell of you in mine
Your clothes on my floor, my face in your hands
And there is no such thing as time
My past it has eluded me,
the future´s all in vain
Let me teach you how to dance and laugh
And cry and be insane!

Fri vers av Pirate Grace
Läst 429 gånger
Publicerad 2007-11-01 21:21

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Gillar den här, melodisk på nåt sätt.
En uppmaning att leva här och nu men
så glimmrar det till på slutet ,en önskan
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Pirate Grace
Pirate Grace