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Nothing last forever

Nothing last forever
trees getting together
getting grey
summer’s away
the wind whirls through
the brains
right into my brain

Wake up! The wind
makes me cold,
my daughter shouted
´I’m here, right by your side’
Disguised in a dream of
mother and daughter
in symmetri

The sky is breaking light
breakfast in a hurry to
the hight of success
Darling daughter beware
I do live in despair
But you got the air
that you can’t share

I fall asleep
Was it a dream
on the nightly scheme
written in a hurry
but do I worry

A new day’s dawning

Fri vers (Fri form) av frantic
Läst 60 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2023-10-19 01:05

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