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en dikt jag nyligen skrev

Wsnt ment on earth.

im gone now.
In the seas of tomorow.

The feelings are strong.
Everything was so wrong.

dont know what to feel.
Was i wrong to tell you i love you?
Was i ment to die?
Why god? why? why would u crush somones hearth?
Do u feed on the tears of the fallen?

A tear filld with sorrow.
Dripping down my cheek.
Flyes trought the life and time landing on your skirt.
As always u was there for me.
Wiping my tears.

Cant belive im gone.
Cant belive Your gone.

I see you down there.
But baby dont let another tear fall.
Just go on without me.

I wish i was there.
But we wsnt meen to be on earth.
I will see u in never and ever.
No tears will fall now when i finally pass on.
And the coffin falls...

Ill be wating at the pearl gate..

Fri vers av Himuro
Läst 219 gånger och applåderad av 2 personer
Publicerad 2008-08-03 00:13

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