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- Ursäkta min franska - men du är så fin -

Pardon my French

A kiss in the language
that makes letters fall on bended knees
Deep throat
Truth revealed

I bite my lips
Pardon my French
and all that nasty sh*t
my mom and dad never taught me
when to shut up
I offer my apology
in advance
I look at you and I want to slap
my fingers from linger in your shadow
And touch you in places I...
(mmm you)

Pardon my French
I look at you
Shiver in pronunciation
And every other reason
That may come, soon
getting pale

Rob my senses, steal my heart
for what it’s worth
to dig in your pockets
Oh, a major exchange
a penny for your thoughts

Pardon my French
I look at you, and I smell
flower, but my lips spell sin
Lay on my tongue
I want more than just one lick
You in every sight
If it bothers you,that much
Baby! let’s speak fluently
The meaning of you

Freak(s) the hell out of me!!!


Fri vers av Hon kallar sig poet VIP
Läst 416 gånger och applåderad av 6 personer
Publicerad 2016-01-06 22:26

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