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Buss åtta mot kastanjegården

I go shopping today, 
now I am tired 
everywhere you go is fashion 
This shirt 20 £, for this shirt 
but I buy 
this shirt 
with clouds 
for 20 £ 
and if you don’t 
do fashion 
you can’t walk on street 
because of fashion 
and it’s very expensive 
20 £ 
and all the young people 
I ask myself 
where do all the young people get money? 
not good quality 
very expensive                                                   
but I buy 
yellow, green, blue 
where are mothers? 
I ask myself 
where are fathers? 
all young people 
nobody work 
the young do nothing 
where they get money,  
for this fashion 
very expensive 
always drinking, fashion 
where they get money? 
you see internet? 
every morning I see my mail 
watch TV 
I don’t understand 
see internet 
I bought table today 
it was new 
guess how much I pay 
100 kronor 
for this table 
It was new   
in city all is fashion 
nobody working 
doing drugs 
see internet 
this fashion 
too small 
bad quality 
all the girls 
so pretty 
all the boys 
so pretty too 
watching tv 
and drinking 
where they get money 
I buy fashion 
with clouds 
20 £ 
for this shirt 
young people don’t vote 
don’t work 
doing fashion 
doing drugs 
watching tv 
see internet 
bad quality

Fri vers av Sarajevo
Läst 880 gånger och applåderad av 3 personer
Publicerad 2011-03-01 15:58

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