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Dear Friends

I wish I could look you in the eyes and say
I\'m gonna leave all this behind me now, forever
I\'m gonna fight and never ever fall back again
I\'m gonna stand my ground and live my life
Because it\'s worth it
Because of you

I wish I could speak right from the heart and tell you
How much I miss you
Because you are my evrything
Because you make me stay alive, even when I\'d rather disappear
Because you keep me from falling too deep
Because you save me
Because you make my day

I wish I could have the strength to decide
That I want to stop playing this fucking game
That I want to end this horrible nightmare I\'m living
That I want to get free from these chains that keep me from breathing
And that I\'ll do it for me, for you
That I\'ll do it for us

Because I don\'t wanna loose you
It feels like we\'ve already slipped too far apart
And it\'s hard to live like this, you know?
Knowing that there\'s something between us
And that this something is only my fault

It\'s nothing but my Ego
My stoneheart
My stubbourness
My obsession
I wish I had never allowed it to take over me
But it\'s stronger than me...

It\'s so damn hard to reach you
It seems like we\'re living in different worlds

I wish I could have the courage to be able to take my responsability some day
To take action and make a difference
To change to the better

I wish I could just stop listening to these stupid voices
And not bringing me down all the time
Just because of those lies
Does it have to be so damn difficult?
Why can\'t I just be strong and take that single step?

I wonder when your patience will be gone, forever

I wish this never happened

It wasn\'t meant to get like this

It\'s not supposed to feel this way, be this way

And in the end I watch you shine as I fall back again, deeper

Fri vers av kyara
Läst 471 gånger
Publicerad 2007-03-19 17:15

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